Families Volunteer!

Volunteers … Now more than ever!

Lutherhaven Ministries would not be where it is today–among the largest and most respected outdoor ministries in the nation–without the faithful time and talent of 75 years of volunteers. Your camps were built through the efforts of thousands of devoted servants of every age!

Volunteers are always needed—all year long—to help make Camp Lutherhaven and Shoshone Mountain Retreat operate successfully. There’s always plenty to do around camp, from day to day upkeep to special projects. 

Come as a family and spend a day, weekend, or longer serving at Camp Lutherhaven or Shoshone Mountain Retreat. Cleaning cabins, washing windows, teaching life skills, painting walls, doing dishes, pounding nails, leading hikes, building, fixing, organizing…

…your beautiful camps can use your help, now more than ever!

Contact us for details about volunteering your family anytime during the year, for any length of time! We often can provide volunteers with meals (when served) and lodging or RV space.


See Our Annual Spring Servant Weekends

Lutherhaven Servant Weekend

Shoshone Mountain Retreat Servant Weekend


For Custom Family Volunteer Opportunities Contact

For Volunteer Opportunities at Camp Lutherhaven: Email SERVE, or phone 208.667.3459 

For Volunteer Opportunities at Shoshone Mountain Retreat: Faythe Vollrath, or phone 208.667.3459 x 114


Thrivent Action Teams

If you or one of your friends are Thrivent members, Thrivent helps get your volunteer stint with Lutherhaven rolling. Thrivent Action Teams are easy. Apply to lead a team, and Thrivent sends you $250 in seed money for project expenses or other resources to put your team together and turn your idea into reality. Your $250 can pay for project expenses, buy building materials, pay for food for your team, launch a fundraiser, or help buy whatever you’ll need to make your project happen!

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