Meet the Summer 2021 Staff Leaders

Meet the Lutherhaven Ministries Summer Staff Leaders!

Lutherhaven is thrilled to have these awesome leaders onboard this summer to help lead Camp Lutherhaven’s Summer Program Team in safety, faith formation, servant leadership, and relationship building.

Nate Nolting
Program Advisor, June 20th-July 9th

“I am a lifelong camper. Beginning with the first day I stepped foot on Lutherhaven’s soil as a Genesis kid (1989), to my three summers on staff (2002-2004), to my years as a full-timer (2010-2014), camp has “Always” been a part of me. I love it. Which is why I am so excited to be invited back for three weeks this summer! I have been teaching in the Tacoma Public School district for the past six years, which eventually led to my pursuit of a Master’s of Education in Humane Education, where I graduated in December 2020 — (can anybody else relate to attending school—as a student or educator—during a pandemic?). I love to run, ride my bike, play team sports, and wander around town with our dog, Milton. My wife, Kia, and I have been embracing our roots with an ever-growing urban garden in our yard. Yay for fresh fruits and veggies!

As a theology major, a former youth director, and someone who has discussed world religions with people from all around the globe for decades, I am on board for the conversations that surround faith. We can celebrate the joys, ask the questions, search for answers, marvel at the unknown, and struggle with the tough stuff.

I look forward to teaching, learning, listening, exploring, laughing, resting, and rejuvenating alongside each and every one of you as we return to the waters, the trees, the mountains, and the fields we all call home.”


Dave & Melissa Houglum
Program Advisors, July 11-30th

Melissa first came to Lutherhaven on a servant event with her youth group. She returned as a counselor in the summers of 2005 & 2006 and has also been featured as a confirmation retreat keynote speaker. Melissa met her husband, Dave, at Lutherhaven and their children were baptized in the outdoor amphitheater. She is a former Director of Christian Education and is currently a stay-at-home mom to their three kids. She enjoys traveling the world, skydiving, musicals, hiking, cake decorating, and getting lost in a good novel. “Lutherhaven is such a special place to our family. It has had a profound impact on our faith formation and family life, and we have had the joy of witnessing God always at work in and through so many people here. I am so excited to serve Jesus at camp this summer!

Originally from Soldotna, Alaska, Dave graduated from PLU and worked on staff at Lutherhaven from 1999-2006 (as a lifeguard, counselor, CIT counselor, Assistant Program Director, and Outdoor Education Director). He was a member of a Youth Encounter music ministry team that served in churches, schools, prisons, and orphanages throughout the US and Europe. He worked at Gonzaga University and earned a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Leadership there. He currently is the Director of Leadership and Leadership Professor of Practice at the University of Portland. Dave has also served as adjunct faculty in the Master’s Program in Organizational Leadership at GU for the past nine years. Dave also recently completed the Co-Active Training Institute’s professional coach certification program and serves as a leadership coach. Dave has been to 28 countries and has led multiple international experiences and courses focused on service, social justice, and leadership. Dave loves the outdoors (hiking, camping, and salmon fishing), basketball, playing the piano, trumpet, guitar, ukulele, and singing. According to Dave, “Lutherhaven has truly changed my life. It has been one of the most significant catalysts for my transformation as a faith-inspired leader. I’m so excited to serve and accompany people on their amazing faith journey at camp this summer!”


David & Courtney Baker
Program Advisors, August 1-18th

David, Courtney and their children are so excited to serve Lutherhaven as program advisors this summer! Courtney has her Masters in Education and is a kindergarten teacher, mother, wife, enneagram 7 and Jesus lover. David has worked at Lutherhaven in a variety of ways over the past 15 years, and is currently teaching and coaching 8th graders at West Valley High School in Kalispell, Montana. They got married at Camp Lutherhaven over six years ago and are both excited to get back to camp to be a part of all God is doing at Lutherhaven this summer!

“When I think about what I value most in my life, I think of relationships and hospitality. All throughout scripture we see people opening up their homes, lives and hearts as they make time to truly see each other and break bread. I’m excited to share an open heart, open arms, a listening ear, and great meals with others this summer at Lutherhaven.” – Courtney


Hannah Roy
Summer Hospitality Host

Hannah is from Little Rock, Arkansas and now joins Lutherhaven as the Interim Hospitality Host. When asked what her favorite thing about Lutherhaven is, she sighed, “Ughh… EVERYTHING!” Hannah has a special place in her heart for preschool aged campers. She loves working with Genesis campers because it’s often their first time at camp so everything is a new experience… She loves witnessing their first time on the rock wall, their first time jumping in the lake, the first time they feel big and brave and all those first moments that build a lifelong love of camp and the outdoors.

Hannah also used to teach lessons at an axe-throwing facility as a “professional” axe thrower. Three of her favorite things include sushi, flowers, and peanut butter m&ms.


Garrett Golke
Hospitality Associate

“What do I love about Lutherhaven? The reason that this place is Holy is because of the eternal beings that spend time here every single day. It’s a place to have open hearted conversations about anything. It’s a place to share meaningful conversations over a hot cup of coffee, at a sewing table, or on a walk through the forest. Being gentle and kind with others allows space for growth and connection, an eternal connection– and I see that at work every day because the word of God is here. Lutherhaven gives people a chance to break away from everyday routines and reconnect with what really matters.”

Garrett has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and has been working in hospitality at Lutherhaven since 2016. He met his wife, Johanna, when she was the camp nurse and he was the camp counselor, and this will be their 10th summer together. Three of his favorite things are dogs, hikes and huckleberries.


Hunter Jackson
Interim Summer Program Coordinator

Hunter has been working at Lutherhaven off and on since 2016– he started in Outdoor Education, but has also worked as an intern and through Idaho Servant Adventures, and is now the Interim Program Coordinator for the summer! He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University, and he loves Lutherhaven for the people, the lake and the opportunity to share God’s word. He also loves competitive volleyball, Teri’s breakfast sandwiches, teaching paddleboard yoga, and picking up every dog he sees– including Bob’s giant St. Bernard, Huck.


Caleb Lynch
Summer Challenge Course Manager

Caleb first “learned the ropes” when he arrived at Lutherhaven over ten years ago during a summer that inspired his lifelong love for rock climbing and ropes courses. He has since returned to Lutherhaven to serve in a variety of different ways throughout the years, and has returned this summer to help keep campers safe and happy on the challenge course. Caleb has a level 3 professional ski instruction certification, aka a Bachelors in skiing, and has a love of flow-state, learning new things, and the rush of rock climbing and skiing. He is one of seven siblings and when he’s not outdoors, he loves playing strategic board games.


Teri Valois
Dining & Housekeeping Services Director

Teri is a longtime friend of Lutherhaven! She first served here between 1998-2003, then off and on again from 2014-present. She loves getting to cook for all the happy campers who come through camp and enjoying the beauty of the lake and mountains.

Born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, she developed a passion and skill for cooking at a very young age. She learned how to cook for a crowd during her time working for the school district. She has been married to Mike for 39 years and together they have two children, Danielle and Jason. Danielle has also just started working in the camp kitchen to help carry on the tradition! On the weekends, she loves to ride her motorcycle and and go camping out in the woods.


Faythe Vollrath
Shoshone Mountain Retreat Assistant Director

This will be Faythe’s 11th summer with Lutherhaven Ministries! Before Lutherhaven, she spent five wonderful summers serving at Camp Luther in WI before deciding to be bold and go somewhere completely new, following God’s calling for her life. She loves how every day at camp is an exciting new adventure and believes that it is vital for people of all ages to be able to put their busy lives aside and come spend time in God’s beautiful creation. She absolutely loves being a part of this ministry!

Faythe is also a professional musician, and she received her doctorate in harpsichord performance from Stony Brook University in New York. During the winter months when Faythe isn’t at Shoshone Mountain Retreat, she spends her time performing across the United States and Europe. In January she received a new harpsichord built specifically for her, from a builder in Amsterdam. She performs as a soloist, and with small chamber ensembles, large orchestras, operas, you name it!

When she’s not at work, she also loves reading a good book with her cat snuggled in her lap, and a cup of great coffee next to her.